EME Könyvkiadó
2024 április 14, vasárnap


The evaluation process
The evaluation process is of the peer review type (the reviewers do not know the authors’ name, and the authors do not know the reviewers’ name). The members of the Editorial Board make a first evaluation, choosing the referees with expertise in the volume’s field of research who are to make a careful analysis of the text.
Evaluation criteria
The following aspects will be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the volume:
-        Technical evaluation (including style and language)
-        The importance of the field of research, the degree of innovation and originality of the ideas and/or analysis
-        Familiarity with the field of research in light of the study of the literature of the field and/or the empirical and applied study of the field
-        The quality of the methodological approach, the organization of the subject matter, formulation and presentation of the ideas, structure of the volume
-        Reference to the author’s other works in the particular field of research, the importance of the studied subject within the wider field of research, overall contribution to the domain of knowledge. 
The article’s language
Articles will be submitted in Hungarian, and each volume has a 3-4 pages long abstract in English (or German) and Romanian.
Formatting guidelines
-        Page format: A4
-        Margins: 2.0 cm top, 2.0 cm bottom, 2.5 cm right, 2.5 cm left. Line spacing: 1.5.
-        Font: Times New Roman 12
-        List of illustrations (tables, photographs). Illustrations are to be submitted in .jpg or .tif format, 300 dpi and minimum 1 MB
-        Diacritical marks are to be used.
-        Caps Lock key will not be used.
-        The text submitted for publication is to be followed by a short presentation or Curriculum Vitae of the author.
The volume will go through the following stages before publication:
Stage 1
Articles are to be sent in an electronic format as e-mail attachments to the addresses: office@eme.ro and biro.annamaria@eme.ro, or on electronic support (CD, DVD, flashdrive, etc.) to the Publisher’s address:
Redacţia Erdélyi Múzeum
400750 Cluj OP , c. p. 191.
Stage 2
The Publisher’s Editorial Board will select the materials which meet the submission standards. All the other materials are eliminated from the reviewing process.
Stage 3
Two members of the Editorial Board make a primary evaluation of the scholarly relevance of the volume and choose the referees who will review the articles.
Stage 4
The articles are being reviewed by referees having expertise in the volume’s field of research.
Stage 5
The articles which meet scholarly standards will be proposed for publication. The articles which may potentially fulfill the scholarly requirements by certain modifications are returned to their authors in order for these modifications to be made. The articles which fail to meet the minimum scholarly standards are rejected.
Stage 6
Following the evaluation process, which lasts for about 90 days, the authors will be informed about the status of their work, as follows:
-        Accepted for publication without modification
-        Accepted for publication with minor modifications
-        Accepted for publication with major modifications
-        Rejected work
-        The authors will receive an evaluation file for their work
Following the evaluation process, the authors are invited to either join the waiting list for publication, or to continue the process of evaluation by making the requested modifications. Only manuscripts accepted by the Publisher’s Scholarly Editorial Board will be published.