EME Könyvkiadó

The Publications of the Transylvanian Museum Society
Book publishing is an important part in the scientific life of the Transylvanian Museum Society. The Publishing House features 20-25 scientific volumes yearly, sometimes in collaboration with other national or foreign publishers. An important place in our Publisher’s history are the distinguished editorial projects, like the series Erdélyi Magyar Szótörténeti Tár, Romániai Magyar Irodalmi Lexikon, Székely Oklevéltár. The series and independent volumes of the publishing house present, aside from the primary historical sources, the imoportant results of the researches in the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Natural or Medical Sciences.

Along with these volumes, our focus also extends to the continous publication of Transylvanian Museum Society’s scientific periodicals: Erdélyi Múzeum, Múzeumi Füzetek, Műszaki Tudományos Füzetek, Acta Materialia Transylvanica, Orvostudományi Közlemények.